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    Kontra Duo
    Kristina Finch - Dannel Espinoza
    harp         //      saxophone
Sit back and relax as a story unfolds,
About a new sound for music, both new and old.
By combining two instruments so very distinct,
in sound, shape and build, with no historical link;
This duo aims to create a new art
Performing works old and new, they wish to impart
A new love of music on audiences both young and old.
They hope you enjoy this poem as their story is told.
The year was 2010, the place, Florida State
The University, of course, just to keep things straight.
During their masters degrees was the time that they met;
It was immediately clear, they'd make a great duet.
With his sax going toot and her harp going pling,
They began a journey, and an experiment that is still in full swing.
They've performed in venues both large and small,
From intimate living room recitals, to great concert halls.
Their musical goals, they are two-fold:
To aid in the creation of new works, and breath life into those that are old.
At the Eastman School of Music they perfected their art,
Then they moved to Miami, to find their heart.
The sunshine and sand, it did the pair good,
They can be seen performing throughout Florida, perhaps even your neighborhood!
Their plans, they are big, and their music; its great!
They hope you enjoyed their rhyming bio and would love to see you at their next performance date.



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